Water is well known as one of the most important elements essential for our living. In fact, a human body contains over 70% of water. Adults are recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water per day in order to maintain a healthy nutrition. An average daily consumption of 2 litres of water would mean drinking in total of over 55,000 litres of water in 80 years. Who can say that it is not important which kind of water we drink? After all, when it comes to the water quality, there can be major differences that can have a significant effect on our health in both positive and negative manner.
If you choose to drink healthy water that has been treated by innovative water filtration technics from Aqua-Q® WaterClean, you will acquire truly unique pleasure in the comfort of your home, office, practice, studio, hospital, nursery school, etc. The device can be simply connected to your current mains water supply and will provide you with fresh and pure drinking water whenever you need.
What can be more important than our health? Aqua-Q® WaterClean develops technology for a healthy well-being.

Aqua-Q: Our top product for the purest water
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What can be more important than our health? Aqua-Q® WaterClean develops technology for a healthy well-being.

As a result, you can enjoy drinking of crystal-clean unique water in the comfort of your home, without having to purchase and haul any heavy crates with bottled-water.

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Water can vary in many ways. By choosing our modern “Aqua-Q” system, which can be easily installed in your kitchen, you can enjoy as much of this ‘flowing vital elixir’ as you want, whenever you want, on a daily basis.
The compact device is directly connected to the water supply in your kitchen, normally in the sink-board. Your mains water supply runs through 4 special stages of filtering before a separate tap supplied with the device provides you with the purest treated drinking water that is free of rust, limestone, salt and sand particles and inorganic materials and compounds. The system is also filtering out the smallest molecular substances, such as bacteria, fine dust, gases dissolved in water, chlorine, hydrocarbons, ammonia compounds, uranium, chemicals, pharmaceutical residues (medicines), etc. The individual filters need to be replaced only once a year.

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    State-of-the-art product
    High-End Booster Pump for consistent quality
    The best possible “Pure water-Wastewater” Ratio
    2 Quick-Change high-performance membranes of the top quality (no disinfection is required)
    Sediment and Carbon Quick-Change Filters (no disinfection is required)
    Aqua Save Sticks high-quality connectors
    Connecting parts are certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)
    Safety connection technology (similar to the GARDENA system)
    Direct water production (free-flow, 40 liters/hour) without a water tank
    Water-dispensing tap made from stainless steel
    QBI-Technology: unique state-of-the-art technic of “vitalisation” and “energizing” of water on a cellular level (integrated into one device; not required to be connected to the tap)!
    Hygienic protection through a germ barrier with a retention rate of 99.9999%
    Protection against lime, rust and oxidation even before the pre-filters through QBI-Technology (special lime or rust filter is not required!)
    Aqua Stop system: optimal protection against water damage
    Modern and compact design (L38cm x H38cm x W18 cm)
    Easy Installation
    The device can be mounted in an upright, horizontal or hanging position.


    The device provides you with a rapid supply of purified, energised, healthy and fresh water that tastes like water from a natural source
    Clear and clean water at your disposal 24 hours a day, no water tank is necessary
    You can stay on the safe side at all times when it comes to water quality (with biologically valuable highest-quality water free of unwanted substances)
    Special aroma for coffee and tea
    Pure and revitalised water for food preparation
    Clean and pure water for watering your plants
    Save money on bottled water, which has been proven to be more expensive in the long run
    You will never have to haul crates again and have your water source directly on site
    You will no longer need to descale your coffee machine, kettle, etc.
    You will no longer need to purchase special water for preparing baby food
    Purchasing Aqua-Q, you are acquiring a high-quality “made in Germany” device for your home, doctor’s practice, office, studio, nursery school, etc.

    With this device, you can do a lot for your health and vitality!

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    A few things we’re great at


    This high-performance water treatment principle was developed in the 1950s.
    For a long time, it was only used in industrial and medical applications, on maritime vessels and in island nations with a little water supply.
    It then became increasingly popular for treating drinking water, for example in the field of space travel.
    How It Works
    The mains water is pressed through a semi-permeable membrane that acts like a net (with a pore size of 0.0001 micrometres) and only lets pure water pass through.
    Most of the impurities in the water are larger than the pores and cannot pass through the membrane.
    Salt, bacteria, viruses, limestone, asbestos, phytotoxins, heavy metals like lead, arsenic, copper, nitrates, mercury and cadmium, etc. are therefore separated from the mains water.
    Contaminants are then rinsed away with the remaining wastewater.


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    Plants use the natural process of osmosis to draw water from the fertile soil. The same procedure can also be found in the human body, namely when materials are exchanged through the cell membrane.
    The reverse osmosis procedure used for water purification was copied from nature. It was therefore developed on the basis of an ecological model.
    This purification process uses the reverse osmosis procedure to create pressure in untreated drinking water. The reverse osmosis then separates the contaminants from the water. The result of this reverse osmosis procedure, which is carried out in a suitable reverse osmosis water treatment system, is completely pure drinking water.
    Healthy water straight from the tap: thanks to reverse osmosis


    At the result of the reverse osmosis technique anyone can afford to have pure spring water in the comfort of home without using any chemical or electrical water purification methods. With our modern filtration device functioning on the reverse-osmosis basis and equipped with the fine-pored membrane to filter 99.9% of bacteria and contaminants out of water, you can create the source of the crystal-clean pure water and secure your healthy well-being.
    If you tried once a pure drinking water, you would not want to renounce such high-quality water anymore. It not only makes coffee, tea, soups and ice cubes taste much better, but also enables flowers to flourish far more than those placed in normal tap water.
    This modern water filtration system on the reverse osmosis basis meets the highest quality standards and thus allows health-conscious users to have pure water on their own kitchen.
    In fact, if people were to always drink such kind of water, a large number of illnesses, including a multitude of illnesses due to ageing, would simply have no chance whatsoever.
    This water filtration system is a ‘must-have’ for every modern family that places value on a healthy well-being.


    Drinking water needs to be pure and free of contaminants, as it has a very special function when it comes to the human metabolism. In the human body water acts as the solvent necessary to transport nutrients into cells and toxins or waste out of them. Nevertheless, solvents can only hold a certain amount of dissolved substances.
    If contaminants are dissolved in drinking water, these substances are transported into the body. At the same time, the dissolving power of drinking water is not sufficient for metabolism. Pure drinking water like spring and rain water drunk by our ancestors over many centuries therefore forms part of a healthy diet.
    The French water researcher Prof. Louis Claude Vincent has proven that there is a direct connection between the quality of a drinking water and its morbidity and/or mortality rate. The results of his 12-years research confirm that the morbidity and mortality rate in regions with drinking water containing contaminants was often double that was found in areas with drinking water with low contaminants content.
    If a human organism does not take out 500mg of waste substances every day, there will be approximately 12kg of impurities that cannot be processed in 70 years.


    Allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, arthrosis, asthma, Bechterew’s disease, constipation, gastritis, headaches, high blood pressure, joint pain, muscle pain and many others.


    It is important for people to drink absolutely pure water because a human body is unable to metabolise the contaminants contained in drinking water and therefore cannot provide the cells with a sufficient amount of liquid. Tap water and mineral water do not have the same quality as pure water because they contain minerals, salts and other unavoidable contaminants. Drinking such water therefore leads to calcification of human vessels and accumulation of toxins in the organism. If the organism is oversaturated with the minerals, contaminants and salts, the kidneys as a filter station in the metabolism are overloaded. If the kidneys stop working properly, we become sick.


    Alongside the fact that our bodies contain up to 70% of water, or in the case of babies, up to as much as 90%, we also need to consume more than 55,000 litres of water throughout our lives in order to stay healthy. Water is therefore without a doubt the most important part of our diet. Water controls all functions of the human organism, from our metabolism right through to our thought processes.
    Every day, approx. 5% of our bodily fluids leave our bodies via our lungs when breathing, through our skin when sweating or in the form of urine. We therefore completely replace the fluid in our bodies every 20 days. It is important that we offset this loss of approx. 2.5 litres every day.
    When it comes to our health, it is essential that we ensure that the water entering our body is of an optimal quality. Pure drinking water is able to fulfil the most important functions in the human organism, for example detoxifying and removing accumulated waste from the body. Drinking water should therefore contain as few composing substances as possible. After all, only in the pure form is water able to perform its tasks in the organism and work as an optimal ‘solvent’, ‘cleaning agent’ and ‘means of transport’. Nevertheless, drinking water can vary in many ways.
    The quantity and quality of the water that you drink every day have an important impact on your vitality and health.


    When purchasing your Aqua-Q® WaterClean filter system, you can rest assured that you are acquiring a top-quality device that meets all important standards. Our Aqua-Q® WaterClean filter systems are exclusively manufactured and tested in Germany.



    A brief explanation:
    The QBI-Technology priciple of operation is based on modification of natural constructive physiological vibrations, enabling thereby to influence not only chemistry of living organisms and environment, but also biophysiological processes.
    QBI functions by using self-energy, without any chemical agents, electric power or magnets.
    Quanta, which we refer to as Informationresonance in connection with our product, penetrate all kinds of matter. Our water treatment technology utilises this property. Thanks to the QBI technology, the water has a higher energy content, which has a positive effect on the organism. As a result, the water has a high bio-availability and biological value which makes a difference on the cell level!

    Effects of the QBI-Technology in water:


    Water “energisation” and “vitalisation”
    Activation of biophotons
    Reduction of extraneous information
    Improved osmosis principle due to smaller cluster size
    Extention of inner surface area
    Improvement of water structure
    Effective in flowing and standing water, several metres against the flow direction


    Reduction/Inhibition of some types of bacteria, viruses, germs, spores and algae


    Reduction of limescale and rust deposits (oxidation) at a distance of several metres from the device
    Reduction of acids
    Partial reduction of odorants
    Body detoxication due to reduced conductance
    Reduction of water surface tension

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